Massage Heights – Leon Springs

Hellooooooo everyone

I have used so many new products in the last few weeks. I used detox masks and most of these masks make you breakout to clear out your skin; however, I was not patient, and I wanted my skin to heal faster for Christmas parties.

I searched a lot to find a spa to have open appointments because of the holidays. Most of the spas were booked. Finally, I found Massage Heights near my house. The staff at the Leon Springs location are very friendly. The person who gave me a facial was knowledgeable of what she was doing.

This location was really clean and relaxing, especially the room that I got my facial. The bed was heated, which made it more enjoyable.

What I like about Massage Heights are the prices. You can get a 30 minutes facial for $29.99, 60 Minutes facial for $59.99, and 90 minutes facial for $89.99. They also offer add-on options. I picked peeling because I wanted to my skin to heal, and I wanted to get rid of all the breakouts. To add the peeling, they charged me $30 more. So far, I only went there one time, and my skin is already better. I cannot wait for my next appointment.

If you like facials, make sure to give Massage Heights a try. You can also leave me comment and let me know where do you usually get your facials.

Until next time, bye 🙂

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Hi, My name is Shahrzad Ebrahimian, but you can call me Sha.

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