LA ROCHE-POSAY (Effaclar Acne Treatment System)

Helloooooooo my lovely people,

In the last few months, my skin started to hate me. I started to breakout (mostly on my chin area) like a teenager.

My sister mentioned this brand to me because her dermatologist, recommend this brand for her rosacea. My sister and I were in Ulta beauty, and I saw this acne treatment system by LA ROCHE-POSAY, and I had to try it.

There is three products in this kit. The first product is a cleanser, which removes the excess oil from you skin. The second product is a toner, which cleans the pores. The last product is an acne cream treatment, which heals the acne.

I am using this kit for almost two weeks. With one time use, I totally saw the difference. I can say my acne are better, but not completely healed yet. I was using this set two times a day; however, my skin was irritated. My skin felt so dry. It was red and it felt hot. I decided to use it only one time a day. I usually wash my face with the cleanser at night, and in the morning if I am not heading out, I use the toner and the cream. Make sure to use sunscreen because your skin will be really sensitive.

This kit is a two-month supply, and it costs around $29.99. You can purchase yours by clicking HERE.

If you are using this set, please let me know you are using it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and happy shopping

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