Hum Nutrition – Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me

Hello everyone, I am finally here to share my experience with you about these HUM Nutrition pills that I have been showing them to you on my Instagram stories (@shahrzad.blogger). In the past few months, my skin was really mad at me. I kept breaking out. I did a lot of research and I cameContinue reading “Hum Nutrition – Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me”


Hello everyone, I became a brand ambassador for Volo Beauty a few days ago and I am so excited about this. As you guys know, I have a thick and long hair. When I take a shower, my hair gets SO heavy, and when I use my towel to dry my hair, I get headaches.Continue reading “Volo Beauty – THE VOLO HERO QUICK DRY TOWEL”


Hello everyone 🙂 I am here to give my honest review about this detoxing mask from Taïla and share my experience with you guys. Few months ago, Taïla sent me few of their products to try and review. One of the products that they sent me, is this “Nava Jungol” detoxing mask. I have usedContinue reading “Taïla – NAVA JUNGOL (DETOXIFYING JUNGLE MASK)”

GLOW RECIPE – Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful day. In this blog post, I want to introduce you to this sleeping mask by GLOW RECIPE. I know that I am soooooo late in the game, but I received this product in my last month’s Boxycharm. This sleeping mask is good for oily, dry,Continue reading “GLOW RECIPE – Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask”

Azin Ebrahimian (Handmade Jewelries)

Hello everyone 😘 In this blog post I want to introduce you guys to my sister’s handmade jewelries 😍 ABOUT MY SISTER Azin Ebrahimian is a Persian jewelry designer based in Tehran/Iran. She started her business in 2015 . All her artworks are handmade and done traditionally from design to production at her small workplaceContinue reading “Azin Ebrahimian (Handmade Jewelries)”

Estala Skin Care – Portable Makeup Mirror

Hello everyone, A few days ago, I shared few pictures with my new mirror on my Instagram (shahrzad.blogger). I received my mirror from “Estala Skin Care”. I am so happy with this portable mirror. This mirror comes in both black and white. You can charge the mirror with USB cable, which is included. Oh!!! TheContinue reading “Estala Skin Care – Portable Makeup Mirror”

Estala Skin Care – Bathtub Caddy Tray

Hello everyone, Few weeks ago, Estala Skin Care sent me this amazing bathtub caddy tray. I didn’t know how much I needed this tray until one day I took a bath and I placed the items that I would needed for bathing on it. This caddy tray is expandable and have adjustable trays, glass holder,Continue reading “Estala Skin Care – Bathtub Caddy Tray”

Yeouth – Hyaluronic Acid Cream with Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C & E, and Tripeptide 31

Hello everyone, I have been using this cream that Yeouth sent me for a while now. I think I am ready to review it today. As some of you might know, the Yeouth products are paraben, sulfate, phthalates, fragrance, GMOs, and triclosan free. They use best nourishing ingredients in their products. This cream is lightweightContinue reading “Yeouth – Hyaluronic Acid Cream with Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C & E, and Tripeptide 31”