Shu Uemura – Cleansing oil

Hello everybody and welcome back In this post, I would like to talk review this Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi+ cleansing oil. I have an oily/combination skin (depending on the season), and for me adding extra oils to my face was nerve racking 😂 But then, I saw Korean YouTubers mostly use cleansing oils to remove theirContinue reading “Shu Uemura – Cleansing oil”

How to Deal With Your Period Cramps

Hi guys. In this post I would like to give you guys tips on how to deal with your painful cramps on your periods 😑 I know…this subject is really personal; but cramps are NOT fun at all. Don’t get me wrong, PERIODS in general are not fun, but when you add those cramps toContinue reading “How to Deal With Your Period Cramps”

K-POP Inspired Nail Art – طرح ناخن به سبک ستاره های کی_پاپ

If you know me, or saw me on Instagram (@sha.ebra); you know I love fresh nails. I literally cannot sleep if my nails looks ugly. The nail trend in South Korea is different from the United States. That includes the quality and design. I visited South Korea before, but I only got a regular manicureContinue reading “K-POP Inspired Nail Art – طرح ناخن به سبک ستاره های کی_پاپ”