Shopping Blog #1

Hello everyone, and welcome back So from now on, I want to create a blog series for new and trendy products. I am going to name these blog posts “Shopping Blog”. I picked four new products to introduce you to them. I hope you like them. You can click HERE for links to purchase themContinue reading “Shopping Blog #1”

Duo Brow Kit from Kylie Cosmetics

Hello everyone, and welcome back I purchased this duo eyebrow kit from Kylie Cosmetics a few weeks ago on Sale, and I have to say I am really impressed. The color I purchased is in Ebony and the price for this product is $24.00 (click HERE to purchase) PENCIL The pencil did not break onContinue reading “Duo Brow Kit from Kylie Cosmetics”

My Favorite Mascara

Hello everyone, and welcome back I just had to share this amazing mascara with you. Let me tell you why I am really excited about this product first. I tried MANY mascaras from Sephora. We are talking about many many brands. They are expensive AND they were just not impressing for me. COVERGIRL have goodContinue reading “My Favorite Mascara”


Hello everybody and welcome back I found out about Glossier while I was watching my favorite YouTubers talk about their products. Everything in this brand looks so natural and as I am getting older, I am into more natural makeup looks. Few weeks ago, I purchased the “Boy Brow” from Glossier. This product has fourContinue reading “Glossier”